Thursday, February 18, 2010


Buzz It
 Take QUIZZES, TRIVIAS and win prizes..
You can Submit Your Questions, Play games, Refer Friends & Advertise..

There are 3 types of quizzes:
QUIZ 1- Here you get +1 point for each correct answer & no negative marking for wrong ones.
QUIZ 2- Here you get +3 points for each correct answer & -1 for each wrong.
PRACTICE QUIZ- You can play numerous quizzes for practice. You are not awarded any point for these quizzes.

-> You can attempt maximum of 150 questions in each of the QUIZ 1 & QUIZ 2..
-> There is a limit of 30 seconds in each question.
-> 100 points are awarded as Registration Bonus..

Once you collect the points, you can redeem them for prizes like: Recharge Coupons, USB Drives, Ipod, Laptop Cover, Bag, T-shirt etc...

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  1. i dnt think that it is a good site i am waiting for monthly referral results of oct 2010 from past 3 months and still waiting and waiting and waiting...bakwaas